What is COBRA?

COBRA is an Act passed by Congress in 1986 that requires most employers to offer continuation coverage to Qualified Beneficiaries who lose coverage as the result of a Qualifying Event.

For more information regarding COBRA, please contact your Employee Benefits Department at (419) 213-4211.

You may download and print the COBRA Form:

  • COBRA Form

  • What was the intent of COBRA?

    In 1986, when COBRA was passed, Congress was concerned with insuring a portion of the Americans who were employed but uninsured. Congress also believed that enacting COBRA would help to slow the rate of growth in the number of uninsured. In addition, the federal government could no longer afford to pay uninsured medical claims, and thus enacted COBRA to shift costs from the federal government to the private sector.

    Lucas County offers every employee, spouse and/or dependent who loses coverage through the county, an opportunity to continue that coverage through COBRA.

    Qualifying Events

    18 month qualifying events:
    • Voluntary termination
    • Involuntary termination
    • Reduction of hours (strike, layoff, leave of absence, FMLA, full-time to part-time)
    The 18 month Qualifying Events provide for 18 months of coverage for all Qualified Beneficiaries from the date of the Qualifying Event.

    36 month qualifying events:
    • Death of the employee
    • Employee’s Medicare entitlement
    • Divorce or Legal Separation
    • Dependent child ceasing to be a dependent

    More COBRA Information

    Lucas County charges COBRA subscribers 102% of the monthly premium cost to continue coverage through COBRA.

    • Qualified Beneficiary – individuals who are covered under the employer’s group health plan the day before a COBRA Qualifying Event takes place.
    • Qualifying Event – an event occurs causing a loss of coverage under the group health plan.Applicable Premium – Employers are allowed to charge COBRA continues up to 102 percent of the applicable premium for continuation coverage.
    • Election Period – The COBRA statute lists specific time frames for employers, plan administrators and Qualified Beneficiaries to accomplish certain tasks. These tasks include: the employer informing the plan administrator of the Qualifying Event, the plan administrator notifying Qualified Beneficiaries of their right, the election period, collecting retroactive premiums and the prospective premium payment.