Human Resources/County Personnel Department

Mission Statement

Our mission is to effectively, efficiently, and impartially perform those functions and responsibilities related to the acquisition, development, and maintenance of human resources, within the appointing authority of the Board of Lucas County Commissioners, and in a supporting role, based on time and resources, for any other Lucas County appointing authority.

Employee Updates

Request for Approval to Apply for Approved Leave as a Precinct Election Official (PDF)

Updated protections for nursing employees while at work. (PFD)

Mental Health in the Workplace (PDF)

Vacation Cashout Forms

Please be sure to select the correct form.  Forms must be returned to your department's payroll person no later than June 13, 2023, in order to be processed.

Employee Suggestion Box 

Do you have a suggestion for a new process or program or maybe a concept on how to better serve the public?  What about a way to improve your workplace or some other creative thought you would like to share?  Use our new Digital Suggestion Box to submit your ideas!

Lucas County Policies and Procedures

View Lucas County Policies and Procedures

2023 Snow and Winter Weather Emergencies

Snow and Winter Weather Emergency (PDF) The 2023 guidance for departments and agencies under the Board of Lucas County Commissioners.