Human Resources/County Personnel Department

Mission Statement

Our mission is to effectively, efficiently, and impartially perform those functions and responsibilities related to the acquisition, development, and maintenance of human resources, within the appointing authority of the Board of Lucas County Commissioners, and in a supporting role, based on time and resources, for any other Lucas County appointing authority.

Employee Updates

Final Vacation Cash-Out Opportunity

The second and final vacation cash-out opportunity for this calendar year is approaching!

Cash-outs for eligible employees will be based upon your accrued but unused balance as of the end of pay period No. 24 and will be included in the paycheck issued for pay period No. 25.

You may cash out up to 40 hours of accrued but unused vacation to your credit if you still have a remaining balance of at least 40 hours of vacation.

If you have not yet received a vacation cash-out form, please see your Director. The forms must be completed and submitted to your department's payroll person by Nov. 28 so there is enough time to include the cash-out in pay period No. 25.

Updated protections for nursing employees while at work. (PDF)

Learn More About Our Employee Assistance Program

An employee assistance program (EAP) is a valuable resource for employees who are facing personal or professional challenges that affect their well-being and performance.  To learn more about the Lighthouse Telehealth EAP, visit our Employee Benefits/Wellness page.

Looking for Benefits Information?

Lucas County Employee Policies

Employee policies have a new location.  Use the menu on the left to visit the County Employee Policies page.

2023 Snow and Winter Weather Emergencies

Snow and Winter Weather Emergency (PDF) The 2023 guidance for departments and agencies under the Board of Lucas County Commissioners.