Lucas County Guardianship Services Board Membership

A Note from the Executive Director:

Here at the Lucas County Guardianship Services Board (LCGSB) we are a close-knit group whose core belief is doing the very best we can to serve the needs of our wards here in Lucas County. We are focused on serving the best interests of our wards in the least intrusive manner possible. Additionally, we are staffing our GSB with individuals who have the same priorities that we need to be successful. We are here to serve the people of Lucas County whose needs require our assistance with Adult Guardianship. Our Board of Trustees have each accepted a Volunteer Trustee Appointment for a term of 4 years. They are truly a “Working Board” in every sense of the word. They work hard and they are looking to expand and enlarge our Board of Trustees/number of Board Members. Joining the LCGSB in this early phase means that you get to be a part of making history in Lucas County, Ohio. Please read below for our listing of Board Member Requirements and Expectations. On behalf of the Lucas County Guardianship Services Board, I thank you for considering us when looking to volunteer as a Board Member/Trustee in Lucas County, Ohio!

Best Regards,

CMBC, Esq.
Executive Director
Lucas County GSB  

Guardianship Services Board Application (PDF)


Cynthia Frye - Board President

Tim Goyer - Board Treasurer

Katherine Hunt Thomas - Board Secretary


The Lucas County Guardianship Services Board (hereinafter referred to as the “LCGSB”) has established reasonable requirements and expectations for its Board members which are consistent with ORC § 2111.52, Ohio Ethics Law (ORC §§ 102 and 2921) and LCGSB policies.  Those requirements and expectations are as follows: 

 I.   LCGSB Board Member Requirements: 

 A.    Prior to being seated as a LCGSB member, each individual will take the Oath of Office in the presence of an Ohio Notary Public, the Lucas County Probate Court Judge, or an Ohio licensed attorney. 

 B.    Each LCGSB member shall receive a copy of the Code of Ethics (ORC §§ 102 and 2921) and shall acknowledge in writing receipt of the Code of Ethics. 

 C.    Each LCGSB member shall receive a copy of the Conflict of Interest Policy and sign a Conflict of Interest Statement annually. 

 D.    Each LCGSB member agrees to advocate for the Board on a personal basis to friends, family, business affiliates, and the community at large.  

 E.    Each LCGSB member will serve without compensation but shall be reimbursed for actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their Board duties. 

 F.    Each LCGSB member will participate in any offered training to the fullest extent possible. 

 II.  LCGSB Board Expectations: 

 A.    Each LCGSB member shall agree to make their Board membership a priority commitment and to endeavor to uphold the LCGSB policies. 

 B.    Each LCGSB member shall regularly attend LCGSB Board and Committee meetings, special or emergency meetings called by the LCGSB Board Chairperson and: 

 i.    Prior to the meeting will review the meeting information packet, i.e., previous meeting minutes, committee and staff reports, and other materials; as well as  

 ii.    Actively participate and contribute to discussion around board issues. 

 C.    LCGSB shall notify the member’s appointing authority if a member misses either four LCGSB meetings within a one calendar year period of time or three (3) consecutive LCGSB meetings without advance notice.  Upon notice the appointing authority, may vacate the appointment and appoint another person to complete that member’s remaining term. 

 D.    LCGSB shall ensure that an annual review of the performance of the Executive Director, if any, is conducted in a thorough and timely manner. 

 E.    The members of LCGSB Board in the course of conducting board business will not discriminate on the basis of any federal, state, or local protected status or class including, but not limited to, race, religion, ancestry, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental disability, veterans’ status, political service or affiliation, color, or national origin.    



 A LCGSB employee will maintain a separate file for each LCGSB Board member which shall include the following items:  Member’s signed acknowledgment of receipt of a copy of the Code of Ethics (ORC §§ 102 and 2921), a copy of the member’s notarized Oath of Office form, and the member’s signed Conflict of Interest Statement. 

 At least annually, a LCGSB employee shall report members’ attendance at Board meetings and other LCGSB committees shall be shared with all LCGSB members.  If it is determined that a LCGSB member has missed four (4) Board meetings or three (3) consecutive Board meetings, without prior notice, in the same calendar year, the Executive Director will notify the LCGSB Chairperson and the appointing authority.