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CASA Report Form to the Court

  1. Insert Case JC#
  2. Case Status*
  3. Use your CASA/GAL name
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  5. Add a 2nd CASA/GAL
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  7. First Name, Last Name
  8. Add a 2nd child
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  10. Add a 4th Child
  11. Add a 5th Child
  12. Add a 6th Child
  13. Basis for Court Involvement:
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  15. Prior CASA/GAL Report(s) Filed
  16. CASA/GAL has Attended all Hearings since Appointment
  17. Add Missed Hearing Date #2
  18. Add Missed Hearing Date #3
  19. Add Missed Hearing Date #4
  20. Add Missed Hearing Date #5
  21. Add Missed Hearing Date #6
  22. Include the information in the numbered paragraphs of the LCCCS Complaint beginning with paragraph 4 and then add "At the Emergency Shelter Care Hearing held on (insert date) the Court awarded _______ custody and the children were placed ________."
  23. Documents Reviewed
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