Administrative and Judicial Liens

Administrative Lien

The Administrative Lien allows enforcement of an arrearage without returning to court. The lien is considered active until it is executed / released. With this lien, any property that is acquired after the filing of the lien is considered to have a lien as well.

Judgment Lien

The Judgment Lien is filed using the lump sum judgment taken from a hearing held with the courts. This lien becomes dormant after five years from the filing when the judgment is in favor of the obligee. If the judgment is in favor of the State the dormant date begins after 10 years of the filing date.


A lien represents the legal right of a creditor (obligee) in a debtor's (obliger) property. A lien clouds the title so the owner is unable to sell it. Often, the mere action of imposing a lien is sufficient to settle an arrearage. If an arrearage is not settled with the imposition of a lien, the property can be sold and the proceeds are used to satisfy the arrearage. This action is also known as foreclosure.