Winter Weather

Winter preparedness infographic

Before bad weather hits  

- Add rock salt,  sand, and a shovel to your emergency kit. 

- Plan how you will heat your home if power goes out for a prolonged period of time. 

- Stockpile enough food, water, and hygiene supplies for every member of your family, including pets and service animals, for at least 72 hours in an emergency kit

- Winterize your car, including updating your car emergency kit with warm clothing and items to help if you get stuck away from home. Make sure to include food, water, and a way to signal for help. 

- Winterize your home, including refreshing your emergency kit and checking insulation, especially around pipes. 

- Test carbon monoxide and smoke alarms.

Snow levels in Ohio

People and Pets

When the temperatures start dropping, check for signs of temperature-related issues for people and pets.

During bad weather 

- Stay indoors as much as possible. If going outside, dress in loose, warm layers. 

- Keep dry, and change clothing when it becomes wet. 

- Avoid overexertion when shoveling snow. 

- Remain alert for signs of frostbite or hypothermia. If either of these occur, seek medical help immediately. 

- If you must drive, stick to the main roads. Let someone know you are driving, and if possible have others in the car with you. 

- For tips about what to do if the power goes out, check out our power outage page.

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Warming shelters are available to residents during winter storm events. If you need help finding a shelter, call United Way at 2-1-1 or use the map below to find a warming shelter near you.