Homeland Security Awareness

Threats to our communities from criminal acts or acts of terrorism are unfortunately real and can occur unexpectedly. Understanding what these threats are and how we can prepare for them is important to residents and businesses. Being alert to these unthinkable events and prepared to act quickly can help you to stay safe and may save others.

How to Prepare

How to reduce and prevent acts of violence:
  • Be alert to suspicious behaviors and objects.
  • Be aware of unusual conditions around critical facilities.
  • React to threats in a calm responsible manner.
  • Know how to report incidents.
When violent acts do occur, knowing what to do is critical. Plan ahead for the need to temporarily evacuate or shelter-in-place and follow the instructions of emergency responders and local officials.

Department of Homeland Security

More information on possible threats and recommended steps to take for each can be found on the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) website.