Basic Kit

Everyone can benefit from having an emergency preparedness kit on hand. Check out the information below to learn what belongs in your kit. Remember to have your kit in an easily portable container like a backpack or duffel bag, and store it off the ground if you are in a flood zone. 

When preparing your kit, remember to think about where you spend your time, and consider making a kit for your car and workplace too. Do you have kids, pets, or older adults in your family? Do you or anyone else in your family take daily medication, or have access and functional needs? Find out what you need to make your kit fit your family here

   Emergency Kit Meal Ideas

- Soup with crackers

- Canned pasta with canned vegetables

- Rice and beans - add canned mushrooms and beef jerky for extra flavor

- Canned tuna or chicken salad on crackers

- Pouch of premade rice and a can of chili

- Ramen noodles - add canned meat for protein

- Oatmeal with nuts and dried fruit


- Chocolate bar, trail mix, canned fruit


- Protein bars, granola bars, peanut butter and crackers

Americans spend an average of 294 hours per year on the road

Car emergency kit

Looking for a list you can print out and check off? Download one here. 


Wondering what to put in your kit? Consider items from the following categories:

- Food and water: Try planning complete meals for your kit       along with snacks.

- Cookware:  Include a manual can opener, at least one pot       and cooking spoon, and some way to clean your dishes

- Clothing and sanitation: Make sure your clothing fits well and is seasonally appropriate

- Clean-up equipment: Work gloves, paper towels, and        garbage bags would likely help here

- Lighting: Think about choices other than candles, which can be a fire hazard. Battery powered lanterns are a safer option.

- Heat/Cooling:  Keep extra blankets on hand as well battery- powered fans 

- Power: Solar powered chargers and generators can be         useful here.

- First aid and medical supplies

- Cash

- Important documents: Seal these copies in something            waterproof to prevent damage

- Pet supplies

- Daily medication or important medical equipment (ie walkers, etc)

Kit supplies should be rotated out with each season. Try replacing your perishable items, and then using the previous season's items as your groceries for the week as an effective way to save money while maintaining your emergency supplies.