Policies and Procedures

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Policy 1 05/16/1991Policy and Procedure Manual
Policy 2 10/25/1990Drug-Free Workplace Policy
Policy 3 03/10/1994Non-Smoking Policy
Policy 4e 02/21/2023Public Records Policy
Policy 5a 07/27/2010Employee Assistance Program Policy
Policy 6c 12/05/2023Harassment-Free Work Environment Policy
Policy 7 04/08/1993Loss Control Policy Statement
Policy 8d 03/05/2019Family / Medical & Military Family Leave
Policy 9e 07/18/2023Travel Policy
Policy 10g 12/19/2006Risk Retention Fund Procedural Policy
Policy 11L 01/11/2022Purchasing Policy & Procedure
Policy 12 03/13/2012Accident & Incident Report Policy
Policy 13 05/04/1995Wage Policy for Work Injury Program
Policy 14a 12/06/2022Monthly Mileage Reimbursement Policy
Policy 15a 04/05/2016Americans with Disabilities Act –
Approval of ADA Grievance Procedure

Complaint of Discrimination Form
Policy 16 01/04/1996Educational Assistance Program
Policy 17b 07/08/2008Regulations on County-Owned and Leased Vehicles
Policy 18a 05/01/2012Workplace Violence Prevention Policy
Policy 19a 06/20/2002Capital Improvement Budget Policy
Policy 20 06/20/1996Substance Abuse Policy
Policy 21b 08/25/2015General Fund Reserve Policy
Policy 22b 07/11/2017Electronic Mail and Internet Use Policy
Policy 23c 04/06/2000Lucas County Employee Wellness Program
Policy 24 07/08/1999Commissioners Payment Schedule Approval Policy
Policy 25 08/05/1999Economic Development Funding Policy
Policy 26b 11/27/2012Credit Card Policy
Policy 27 06/28/2001Lucas County Acting as Subgrantee for Elected
Officials, Departments, and Agencies of Lucas County
Policy 28c 07/20/2010Policy and Process for Appointment to Certain Public
Boards, Commissions, and Committees
Policy 29 04/14/2003Health Insurance Portability and Accountability
Act of 1996 (HIPAA)
Policy 30b 05/09/2006Use of LucasCounty Government Buildings and Grounds
Policy 31a 09/27/2011Cash Payment for Sick Leave Accrual Upon Retirement (rescinded 9-27-11)
Policy 32a 12/09/2008Acquisition and Use of Cell Phones or Pagers
Policy 33b 08/11/2020Leave Donation Program
Policy 34 02/05/2008Electronic Signature
Policy 35b04/12/2023Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
Policy 36 05/19/2009Debt Management Policy
Policy 37a 05/19/2020Mandatory Cost Savings Policy
Policy 38 08/23/2011Social Media Policy
Policy 39 11/27/2012Cash Handling Policy/Procedures
Policy 40 09/15/2015Rental Car Policy
Policy 41 09/22/2015Deposit of Public Money
Policy 42 11/10/2015Surplus Property
Policy 43c 07/13/2021Personal Leave
Policy 44a 01/05/2021Paid Parental Leave
Policy 45  06/29/2021Vacation Leave 
Policy 46a 12/06/2022 Paid Holidays for Non-Bargaining Unit Employees
Policy 47   06/29/2021 Bereavement/Funeral Leave for Non-Bargaining Unit Employees 
Policy 49a12/05/2023Paid Sick Leave for Non-Bargaining Unit Employees
Policy  51
Code of Ethical Conduct Policy
Policy 5208/29/2023Pregnancy Non-Discrimination and Reasonable Accommodation 
for Pregnant Workers Policy

Pregnancy Accommodation Request Form
Policy 53a
12/05/2023Anti-Discrimination Policy
Policy 55a
12/05/2023Non-Retaliation Policy
Policy 5712/05/2023Winter Weather Emergency Policy
Policy 5908/29/2023Lactation Accommodation Policy
Pregnancy Accommodation Request Form